Monday, September 8, 2008

Fox Tribe 2008-2009

Ya Ta Hay Mighty Fox Tribe,
It is time to begin our journey for the new season, and I want to be the first to welcome all of our family back to the Papoose Nations.
This year we will be better prepared for our adventures because we have already done these things. And now it falls to us to help guide our new friends that will be joining us.
I trust I can count on each and every one of us to fulfill our responsibility.
Tomorrow night Chief Brian and I will be attending the New Dad's orientation, welcoming our new members to our family.
Then next week we will have the Induction Ceremony. I remember attending last year, not knowing anyone in our tribe, except Jeff and Emma. It is not easy coming into a new group not knowing anyone.
So this year I have decided that we should come together as a group, with all of our families, and enjoy some time to ourselves prior to the induction.
So, please mark your calendars and plan to join us at the First Annual Fox Tribe Family Cook Out. We'll be grillin' and chillin'.
I really hope to have 100% of our group there.
Your invitations are coming your way as we speak.
Now, here is an excellant way to start out the year. You can reply to this post and announce that you will be attending, and you can even tell us what you plan to bring so everyone can see, and know what they should bring.
The cook out will also be our first chance to start planning for the Dinosaur Valley camping trip, we'll pick our meals and plan our activities.
So, I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you and your families at the Cook Out/Induction Ceremony.
Chief Big Horse


Big Horse said...

Yellow Horse and Big Horse (William and Larry) will be attending the picnic and we'll be bringing burgers, hot dogs and drinks. Maybe even a dessert..... mmmmmm.
Momm will also be joining us.

Big Trout said...

Little Trout, Rainbow Trout, Mama Trout and Big Trout will all be in attendance. Bring the fire hose as I will be maning the grill. Chips and dips will be served

Big Hawk said...

Big Hawk and Screaming Eagle (Sean and Ryan)will be attending the picnic. Sarah and the 2 future Foxes will also be there. We will be bringing potato salad for all.

Long Bow said...

Long Bow (Richard), Brave Tomahawk (John) and Tiger Lilly (Erika) will be in attendance with Mom and elder sister Christina.

I am open for suggestion for what to bring, additional meats for the grill, camp bread, or anything else that may be needed.