Monday, August 25, 2008

Dad's Meeting

Last chance to get in and plan for our carnival booth.
Wednesday, August 27th
6:30 -8:00 PM
Buffalo Wild Wings
Hwy 287 and Debbie Lane in Mansfield.
Bring Mom and the kids (it's kids day at BWW).
We will be going over set up, and booth assignments, so we will need all of the Dad's to be there.

Patch Designs

At last weeks Longhouse the children of the Chief's and the Assistant Chief's were asked to select the winners for this years patch designs. What a great thing it is to work with your child to create a design that will be turned into a patch that will be worn by all of the kids in the program.
This year the Papoose will have three new patch's, designed just for us. The Train Ride, The Fishing Event and The Christmas Party. We had these events last year but did not have patch's, so this year I am very excited to see patch's.
And I am really happy that one of our own kids, my son, William, had one of his designs picked. Even more exciting, Will had two of his designs chosen. The Christmas Party and The Fishing Event. I am very proud of Will and the work that he did.
And I am really proud of all of the kids that turned in a design.

Carnival Time

This ain't Rio, but it's still Carnival time. But even better, this is the YMCA Father/Child Carnival. The kick off event for the new year.
Already some awesome things are happening with the Y Guides. A new Smoke Signal format, updated and more current with it's content, and a vibrant, informative Federation web site.
These two things will help us greatly in getting the most up to date info to our Dad's.
I hope everyone has already made plans to join us at the carnival and the induction ceremony.
I promise a good time will be had by all.