Thursday, June 5, 2008

Papoose Nation News

Last night the Chief's and Assistant Chief's met with the Papoose Nation Chief and Assistant Chief. We discussed the upcoming year and started making plans for upcoming events.
I am excited about the coming year because I think we have a great group of leaders, Dad's who share our desire to make the Papoose tribes the strongest in the Y Guide program.
We talked about the camp outs for 2008-2009, and decided to return to Dinasour Valley for our Fall campout and we will be going to Lake Mineral Wells for the Spring campout.
I am glad that we are going to Dinasour Valley in September, because the weather should be nice enough so that we can get in the water and play, and the area where we held our gatherings will be perfect for water gun fights, ice cream socials and movies.
And the Spring campout will be a blast because we have been given the task of war chiefing this event. So start thinking about what kind of activities we want to have.
With the Dad's we have, and our many talents, we should be able to have the greatest campout the papoose kids have ever had.
YaTaHay Mighty Fox Tribe