Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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April Longhouse Meeting

Last night I attended my first Longhouse meeting as Chief of the Fox Tribe. We had a great turn out, and our tribe was very well represented, with our Assistant Chief, Brian Murphy also in attendance, as well as our very own Kelly Turner, Chief of all the Papoose Nations.
There are only a few events remaining for the year, and very few chances left to enjoy spending time with our new friends.
Our next tribe meeting is scheduled for May 8th, and details should be coming out very soon, so watch for the updates.
On May 17th we have the annual Rocket Shoot, which is one of the biggest events of the year. This year, as in the past, we will have DARS, the Dallas Area Rocket Society, helping us in running this event. The kids really love to build and decorate their own rocket, and then being able to go out and shoot their rockets, this is going to be great. Things get started at 12:30 with the sign in, followed by the first launce at 1:00.
They said we should have 20 launce pads there, so it will move quickly, you will be able to launch your rockets whenever you want.
The only cost with this event is the $3,00 for your patch.
I'll be headed out this weekend to look at rocket kits, and I'll pass on what I find when I look them over. Remember, keep the rocket you bring in the 'D' class or smaller.
Take a moment to check out the DARS web site:
Next we'll have our Chief's Appreciation dinner. This is for all outgoing and Incoming Chief's, and will also be our next Longhouse meeting. I am looking forward to sitting and chatting with the chief's from the Hawk, Moose, Bear and Wolf tribes.
June will be a great month, as we are currently planning our end of trail trip for our tribe, to Indian City USA ( in Anadarko, Oklahome.
We would plan on meeting at 7:00am, have breakfast, and hit the road by 8:00am. which would put us in Anadarko by noon, and after lunch we would head over to Indian City for a day of learning and adventures in an authentic Indian Village.
That night we would pitch our tents, and sleep out under the stars like the Indians did many moons ago.
On Sunday we would head back after breakfast, stopping off in Lawton, to visit the old fort at Fort Sill. We could see where Geramino and Quannah Parker are buried.
And finally, back home by 4:00pm.
This will get us to July, and the annual July 4th parade in Arlington. The Y has a float in this parade, and will be our chance to join in, so start planning for that today.
August gets us right back where we began, the YMCA Father/Child Program Carnival. This is where we all learned about the YGuides, and this year we get to have our own tent. We need to come up with a unique idea to attract people to the Y and to our tribe, so let me know what your thoughts are.
So, as we prepare to come to the end of the 2007-2008 season, I am a bit saddened. William and I have had so much fun these past few months, lots of great memories, and we have met some really great friends. But I am excited about the thought of how much more fun the coming year will be, as we now become veterans of the program. I want to make this a year that none of us will ever forget.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Greetings from Your Chief

I am honored this morning to greet you as your new Tribe Chief. I can not begin to express what this means to me, and I want all of our Dad's to know that I consider this a great honor, and will work hard to make this the best tribe in the Papoose Nations.

I am also pleased to have Brian Murphy as our Assistant Tribe Chief. Brian will be a great assistant, and will continue to great job started by our former assistant Chief, Peter Sikes.

I am looking foward to the coming months, and all of the exciting things we are planning to do as a group. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and feedback.

Larry and William Swinea
Big Horse and Yellow Horse

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Papoose Spring Campout

The Mighty Fox Tribe will be camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park the weekend of April 11-13, 2008.
We look forward to seeing all of our Dad's at this campout. Please add your comments below.


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